Heavy rain brings down roof of Highland Park woman's home

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It's an unlivable disaster area, early Saturday morning the roof caved in at Savannah Thomas’ Highland Park Home. 

“It looked like a twister come through and just tore it up,” Thomas said.  

Her kids and grandkids were sleeping when it happened.

Savannah was upstairs with an 8 month old!

If you could have seen how fast I was running, then we slipped down the stairs because it was a waterfall coming down the stairs. 

Her daughter hurt her arm from falling debris otherwise everyone is okay, but there's really nothing is worth saving.

There is really not much to salvage, everything got crushed and destroyed and wet all up,” she said.

She's been renting here since July, she says her landlord hired a contractor who ripped off the roof four days ago but never put anything up to protect from the elements.

“They just put the tarp on this morning,” Thomas said.

Her landlord gave her money for a hotel for the night but otherwise she's on her own.

Savannah said it was the contractor who just left the house unsecured. 

Fox 2: “So who's going to pay for it?”

“I guess no one is going to pay for it because no one said they are paying for anything," she said. 

She's moving quick, searching through the debris because only a matter of time before the rest of the ceiling gives way. 

“I'm going to stay in a hotel tonight and just figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow,” she said.  

If you have house items you're looking to get rid of, consider giving them to Savannah and her family. You can also call Fox 2 Problem Solvers at 248-552-5103.