Hell, Mich. for sale

Hell is for sale, and it's going for a hot deal.

"Welcome to Hell, how the Hell are you today? Where the Hell are you from?" said John Colone, owner of Hell.

Hell is a 5-acre tourism spot near Pinckney, but it wasn't always this devilish destination. Colone had a vision to build it into what it is today when he bought it 14 years ago, but now he wants to retire.

"It's just at the point where I'm 70 years old and there's a lot of other things I'd like to do in my life," Colone said.

The price has dropped from the original asking price of $1.3 million dollars when it was first listed a year ago. Now for $900,000, you get Screams Putt-Putt Golf Course and Souvenir Shop, Hell's Chapel of Love, the Hell Hole Bar, and more, including all the rights to merchandise and events.

For those unsure if they want to buy Hell, there's a special deal where they can be mayor for a day for $100.

Colone hopes whoever buys Hell can keep up with the humor and the times. For example, this weekend he had a successful start to a fundraiser for Flint selling t-shirts that say, "Beer in Hell is safer than water in flint."

What Colone will miss most, is welcoming everyone to hell, and making kids laugh.

"Come to Hell because there's a lot of getting out and exploring to do," said Alyssa Tillman, who lives in Hell.