Henry Ford Hospital nurse, Lisa Ewald, dies of COVID-19

Lisa Ewald

A Henry Ford Hospital nurse is one of the first Michigan health care workers known to have died from COVID-19.

Lisa Ewald was a 54-year-old nurse who died earlier this week from complications connected to the coronavirus.

Ewald,  Dearborn resident, was a longtime worker at Henry Ford of more than 20 years. 

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Wright Lassiter, III, the President and CEO of Henry Ford Health System released the following statement:

“There are not adequate words to describe how saddened we are. Our hearts ache for our employee's family, friends and colleagues. As healthcare providers on the frontlines of this pandemic, we know we are not immune to its traumatic effects. 

"We continue to fight with every resource we have to protect our employees and provide the safest care to our patients. Because of patient privacy obligations, we cannot share additional information. Regarding employee testing, we adhere strictly to CDC guidelines. Currently, the CDC recommends testing employees only when they become symptomatic. Whether at work or at home under self-isolation, if an employee begins experiencing symptoms, they are urged to contact Employee Health and arrange for immediate testing. 

"Meantime, we strongly urge anyone who is at home with symptoms to go to their nearest emergency room immediately if symptoms worsen, including a rising fever, uncontrolled cough or respiratory problems.”

Lisa Ewald

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