Herbal Healing marijuana store offers drive-thru service in River Rouge

One industry in Michigan that's been growing during the pandemic is marijuana dispensaries and a pot shop in River Rouge is taking service to the next level, with a drive-thru.

Some River Rouge residents may find their experience at Herbal Healing a bit familiar. Owner Tarek Jawad bought the former bank on Burke Street and turned the building into a medical marijuana dispensary in 2017.

"This location just went live on recreational services today what is unique it has drive-thru service actual legit drive-thru service," said Jawad.

But as of Friday, he was able to offer his customers something convenient that other pot businesses can't - a first of its kind drive-thru service.

"It's very simple to use patients and customers go online -  www.shophhp.com place an order drive-thru pay and go they don't even have to get out of the car no human interaction whatsoever," he said.

And it is that distance during the pandemic that is driving customers to this location.

"I have cancer and it does help," said Carol O'Bradovich of Ecorse. "The drive-thru is good they help you out."

"They love it on my medical side I have seen my sales go up here when MRA allowed me to use my drive-thru compared to my other store where I was using curbside," Jawad said.

But there are still plenty of customers who prefer to shop the old fashioned way.

"You might find something else you want instead of what you ordered try that instead of what I already had," said Ryan Tignor.

"I really didn't know what I wanted I wanted to hunt and pick," said Paul Sweeney.

To keep those shoppers safe Jawad says all of his staff is required to wear a mask, gloves when handling the products and cash and everyone is distanced at least 6 feet apart. And business he says, could not be better.

"I am excited happy to be in the industry and part pioneers just getting started," he said.