Here to Help non-profit provides assistance for those in Wayne, Oakland counties

"It was just a blessing that literally dropped into my lap," said Alicia Grier.

Grier is an essential worker - a patient services supervisor for food and nutrition at Ascension Providence in Southfield. She was using a ride share service to get to and from work every day - and she didn't feel safe.

"Going into the battlefield and getting off work - anxious - like, 'Who was just in this car,' so - it's a little scary," she said.

Her mom sent her a flyer for the Here to Help Foundation to see if they could help her get a car - Here to Help is a non-profit that serves all kinds of needs for those living in Wayne and Oakland counties.

"We assist with car repairs, we assist with utilities, we assist with furniture for those coming from domestic violence or homelessness," said Bob Schwartz.

Schwartz and his wife founded Here to Help back in 2008 - but recently - he says - requests started pouring in.

"Probably about two weeks ago - every single application - and we're probably getting 30 to 40 a day - is somehow tied into COVID-19," he said. 

So far they've helped with car repairs, beds, rental assistance.

FOX 2 recently introduced you to Chila Harper - a nurse technician recovering from COVID-19. She just needed a little help with rent for the month of May - and she got it - through Here to Help.

"If someone meets our requirements - we've got a pretty good track record of being able to help people so we should be able to help," Schwartz said. "So we should be able to help."

People have to show that they're self-sufficient and just in need of a little assistance, which brings us back to Alicia Grier.

She applied and to her delight - heard back - with great news. They were able to get her, her own car to get her safely to and from her job at the hospital.

"I get an email that says, 'Congratulations we're here to help you.' I started screaming," she said.

Grier's entire family works in the healthcare field - she's used to helping others - but grateful that when she needed a hand - someone was there for her.

"Hey, all you can do is ask and this is the best thing to ever happen to me in a very long time," Grier said.

"We're not out there on the front line like Alicia is, in the trenches, but we're doing all we can to help those that are in need right now," said Schwartz said.

Log on to to see if you qualify and fill out an application for assistance.