Hidden sugars in your favorite foods

Summer season is about to become busy with graduation parties, weddings and other outdoor events. If you're trying to lost a few pounds but have hit a rut, the problem could be sugar hiding in some of your favorite foods. 

For example, you know a chocolate cookie has sugar in it. But did you know a half a cup of marinara sauce has the same amount? Around 12g. 

Let's talk yogurt, a food many of us turn to. Some have as many as 15g of sugar, which is comparable to a scoop of ice cream.

Coleslaw. It's a salad; it's got to be healthy. But some have as many as 15-17g of sugar. You do get the benefit of the fiber from the coleslaw, but also the big dose of sugar. 

Sweet tea. Some has more than 40g of sugar - which is as many as eating multiple candy bars. 

If you have a sweet tooth, fresh fruit is the way to go. Remember dried fruit can have extra hidden sugars in there, too. 

Remember, sugar triggers our bodies and forces our bodies to make insulin, which tells our bodies to store calories as fat. Sugar can also trigger cravings and, overall, doesn't really have any added benefit. 

On average, women should get an added 25g of sugar a day, and that goes to 37g for men.