High performance and classic cars stolen in Westland found in Toledo

Car owners have their prized possessions back after they were stolen early Tuesday from Westland businesses.

Mark Blaha said three custom vehicles worth a total of $400,000 to $500,000 were stolen from Powerworks Performance. Two of the cars are his, while a Jeep Grand Cherokee belongs to a customer.

Jeff Burgess' Gran Torino was stolen from a nearby business.

"They broke the rear window, that’s where they gained access," Burgess said.

The men posted photos of their vehicles on social media, and the tips started coming.

"We got contacted by some local people in Toledo that have a group that go around looking for stolen vehicles, and they work with Toledo Police Department," Blaha said.

Both men never thought they would see their vehicles again.

"The fact that we got them all back, and they’re all in one piece. There’s some damage," Blaha said. "Whatever damage there is, I can definitely fix."

Police said the investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

Burgess and Blaha said they are making changes to protect their vehicles in the future.

"I've got alarm companies coming here tonight. We’re going to do some preventative things on the vehicles," Blaha said.

Burgess said his Gran Torino will now be stored somewhere else.