High school football water boy with Down Syndrome scores TD for terminally ill mother

While he's usually helping the football team as water boy, it was Robby Heil's turn to shine on the field Friday.

He's the heart soul of the Wildcat football team at Novi High School. He's been a part of it for four years as the water boy but on Friday night, he was so much more.

In a pre-arranged plan with other local school South Lyon East, Wildcat Coach Jeff Burnside called a play just for Robby.

A screen pass at the thirty -- and Robby hightails it.

All of this came as a surprise to Robby's biggest fan watching from the stands -- His mom, who is terminally ill.

"I presently have cancer and this team has just been so instrumental in helping me get him to practice while I'm at chemo and it takes a village to raise my son and this village has been really outstanding," Robby's mother said.

As everyone chanted, "We love Robby," the football star was overjoyed.

"It makes me feel happy," he said.

And it's safe to say, he makes them happy, too.

"He brings that infectious enthusiasm that our kids love," Coach Burnside said. "No matter how bad a day he's having it's a smile from ear to ear and the opportunity to put that helmet on tonight, I mean it brought tears to my eyes."