High-speed chase ends in wrecked police car on Detroit's west side

A high-speed chase on Detroit's west side on Monday ended in a smashed Michigan State Police car and wreckage on the lawn of a local church.

Although police aren't giving the cause of the chase, the incident ended at the corner of Fenkell and Oakfield on the lawn of New Jerusalem Baptist Church. Along with a squad car, a mini-van was mangled in the crash.

Police on-scene said there were no life-threatening injuries.

Neighbor Darell Brown said he saw four police cars going about 50 or 60 mph down the street.

"I think it was either the fifth or sixth car that went by. The van came right here going northbound on Oakfield, I don't know. It just collided into the middle of traffic. That sixth car ended up hitting him," he said.

Brown said he was watching the police cars when he heard sirens.

"I hear the sirens going and all of sudden, when that sixth car went through. I don't know what that van thought about. It was going across the street. Why are you going across the street?" he said.

Brown said he was amazed no one was killed in the incident.

"The way the car hit, I'm watching it. It went into the church (yard), knocked the fence everything like that. It was crazy," he said.