Hipsters vs. Hippie: when generations collide

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In the 1960s, hippies ruled. In the 2010s, the next generation followed in their footsteps: the hipsters. When the two sides both want the same thing (to save Detroit) but they want to do it in different ways, who will win out?

Suzy Wahl is a normally free-spirited sexagenarian who Questioned Authority, owned a jazz club, promoted local artists and moved into a lovely Victorian home in the Cass Corridor long before that notorious stretch of Detroit became the high-rent district now known as Midtown. You could call her a proto-Hipster.

Jon Hartzell is a free-thinking and creative entrepreneur hoping to lure suburbanites like himself back to Detroit to boost the city's revival and slow the exodus of young folks. Tack a scratchy beard on his chin, and he'd look an awful lot like a Hipster.

Hartzell wants to open the Detroit Shipping Company on three empty lots next to Suzy's house. (CLICK here for more about his ambitious project) The collection of shipping containers will host chefs making groovy food, taps flowing with craft beer, rotating art exhibitions, and live music.

There's just one problem: While Suzy welcomes the Corridor Midtown's revival, she wants Hartzell to open his joint anywhere but next door to the home she's been working on for nearly 40 years.

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