Historic Henry Glover House reborn as luxury condos in Detroit's Brush Park

A historic home in the Brush Park section of Detroit has gotten a new lease on life.

"Beautiful architecture I could see what it once was,"  said Doug Quada. "Back in the 1870s it was a single-family house."

The Henry Glover House was once a stately mansion at 229 Edmund Place.

"It was a boarding house up until the 1950s 1960s and then it started to degrade and was vacant for the last 30 years," said Quada.

It was set to be demolished, but activists fought to save the historic house and that’s when Quada, an entrepreneur, stepped in with an idea to transform it into condominiums.

"I don’t know of many condominiums in the Detroit area that you can go inside of and feel like you're at home," he said.

Some of the condos are complete and others are under construction, in fact a penthouse occupies the top level.

"The penthouse is $1.4 million," he said. "It comes with panoramic views from the roof of the city."

The finished condo on the lower level goes for nearly $600,000.

But in every unit there’s a focus on details.

"We spent a lot of time going through selecting doors that would’ve been in here originally," said Quada.

One of the things about the workmanship in these condos is that it combines the past with the new.

"Heated floors in the bathroom, lighted mirrors in the bathrooms and all the things that give you a homie feel," Quada said.

"I helped Doug purchase this property five years ago from the land bank and it’s been amazing to follow it,"said Bill Swanson, of O'Connor Real Estate.

It is a rebirth and a process that hopes to help revitalize Detroit and its future.

"I’ve been selling real estate in Detroit for over 10 years investments in the demand and investment throughout the city has been tremendous," said Swanson.

Right now there are agreements on six of the units..

If you would like to learn more about the condos and the carriage house … an open house is set to take place this weekend

"They are dozens of great neighborhoods in Detroit where you can go out and you can find a nice house that you can fix up and move in, and live a great quality life," Quada said.

An open house will be held Feb. 18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for those interested in buying. The owner will give property tours on Feb. 25 and 26. Go HERE for more information.