History repeats: 2014 polar vortex compared to 2018

The past two days, it's been warmer in your freezer than it was outside. The good news is that the worst of it is over for now as the polar vortex moves east.

Not only will we finally get above zero on Friday, we'll be to almost 50 by the Sunday! So how does this stack up compared to the last polar vortex? It's almost identical.

We pulled our old graphics from 2014 with our old forecast from the last polar vortex. During those days, we hit a low of negative 14 with highs near zero.

Then we compared them to 2019. We're slighly warmer than last time! We hit a low of negative 13 with a high near zero. 

Not only that, in the days after the 2014 vortex, we bounced back to almost 50 again.

So, if the polar vortexes are so much alike, what does that mean for the rest of the winter? 

Looking back at historical data, the February following the polar vortex in 2014 was cold and snowy - even more so than usual, for February in Michigan.

February for use this year again looks cold and snowy - probably not 25 inches like we did in 2014 - but history does seem to be about to repeat itself.