Hit and run kills motorcyclist on Puritan in Detroit

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A Tuesday night vigil was planned to remember a man killed early in the morning while riding his motorcycle.

"I was just with him yesterday," said Michael Allen, the victim's cousin. "We'd ride together and do a lot of things together."

Gerald Massey was like a brother to Michael Allen. The last 18 hours have been tough. Massey was hit by a car on his motorcycle on Puritan near Lindsay. 

The driver took off and left Massey for dead. A witness was there and saw Massey in the street after the accident, his body left mangled.

"He got hit and it was done for him," said the witness. 

He said he got a good look at the blue Cadillac which police say might have been a Cadillac Brougham made between 1988 and 1992.

He says the biker flew off his motorcycle and landed on the ground.  The front end damage to the car was severe.

"I don't know how he took off in the vehicle," the witness said. "The vehicle was un-drivable and scraping all the way down the street."

"We need justice, we need help," said Allen.

His motorcycle club members say Massey was more than a friend, he was family. They will remember him and the way he touched their lives by riding over to the place where he died Tuesday at 7 p.m. for a vigil.