Holy Cow Creamery robbed for drug money, holds drug awareness fundraiser

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At Holy Cow Creamery, they're scooping up ice cream for charity. After a robbery that happened back in June the creamery is looking to spread awareness about drug usage.

"Couple of weeks ago we had a burglary, we had someone break into our building, he threw a rock into the window, climbed in, and took all the money we had inside," Debbie Rote-Hayes said. 

Debbie and her husband Mark posted on Facebook video surveillance photos of the thief who stole $1200. 

"I posted the pictures at 11 am and he turned himself in at 8 pm," Mark Hayes said.

The thief confessed to his crimes after being pressured on social media.

"The motive was drug money," Mark Hayes said.

"It was sad, it was the saddest situation. We didn't expect to be robbed and we certainly didn't expect to be robbed for drug money," Debbie said.

Trying to turn a negative into a positive Debbie and Mark decided to do something to raise awareness about drug addiction. 

15% of the profits from the fundraiser going to Families Against Narcotics. Other local business's also taking part in the fundraiser. 

"We have Trenton Ice Cream Shop in Trenton, Custard Corner in Trenton, Elliot's bakery in Trenton, and a Serendipity Bakery in Wyandotte all rallied behind us," Mark said.

Downriver businesses doing their part in making a difference.