Home invader steals jewelry, abuses dog in Wayne break-in

It was 11 a.m. Thursday when a burglar targeted a home in Wayne - and it didn't matter he was recorded on video the whole time. 

He walked up the steps, kicked in the door and was confronted by a 100-pound German Shepherd but it didn't slow him down.

"You can see in the footage he backs up like, oh no," said Kristin King.

King and her boyfriend thought they were doing everything right.

"We have an alarm, a loud alarm, a German Shepherd and security cameras and he still came into the house," she said.

But it's as clear as this footage all of it didn't seem to matter their home still got ransacked. When the burglar gets in and hear that booming bark. 

"He comes into the kitchen sees that there is a camera and puts a hood up and walks over here," she said.

Kristin got an alert from her security company an intruder was in her home.  

"He grabs the lamp and corals Caleb (the dog) then he starts using the lamp and forcefully hitting 

She was an hour away at work watching in real time as Caleb was getting hit. 

"He's my main concern things can be replaced but that's our baby," King said.

The burglar corralled Caleb into a back bedroom, then went for the couple's room, wiping out all of King's jewelry. 

Most of it can't be replaced either. 

"Most of the stuff is sentimental, I've had it since it was a kid and now it's just gone," she said.

Wayne Police got there but the suspect was in and out in minutes.

They're security cameras that caught some great shots of this guy. She hopes someone recognizes him.

"I think you are a scumbag and need to rethink your priorities - and you deserve to be punished," she said.

Caleb is going much better - now, the couple did file a police report with Wayne Police. If you recognize the man from this video, call them.