Homeowner: Man broke in, drank my beer, wore my clothes, slept in my bed then shot at me

A man returns to his house in Clinton Township to find a complete stranger making himself right at home.

The intruder had been wearing his clothes, and sleeping in his bed -- all before firing a gun.

"Never seen him before. He's wearing slippers in my house. He's laying in my bed," John Broderick said.

Broderick came home for lunch Monday afternoon to find a man had broken in the back door of his Clinton Township home.

In fact, he was still there.

"He's standing there holding a pair of sunglasses, which were my wife's. And he says, 'I'm not stealing them,'" he said. "I gently walked past him like he wasn't even there, I go into the bedroom. I'm going to grab my pistol. This guy's in my house. I'm freaking out. So I go there and my pistol's gone. My clip is gone."

Broderick says so many things were running through his mind -- mainly, what is this guy doing in my house and what do I do now that he has my gun?

"I went out in the living room. I was like, 'Dude, what is going on?' And I look down at him. He didn't have the pistol in his hand. ... He didn't say nothing. So I turned around and I booked, and I starting running. He started shooting at me and shot through my door."

Broderick says as he ran for his life, the intruder shot three times through his door and fired three more times running after him as Broderick took off toward his neighbor's house.

"I knocked on the door," he said. "She was standing there. I said, 'Ma'am, please, please let me in. The guy is shooting at me she said no, so I didn't know what to do. I grabbed the BBQ cover. I pulled over my head and I look down, and I see my legs hanging out and I said, 'Well, this ain't going to work.'"

Broderick ran into his neighbor's garage where he hid and called police, and then his family members, who he was relieved were not home at the time.

"I'm just glad he is alive because I need him," his wife Pam Broderick said.

Officers quickly arrived to find the man still inside the house wearing Broderick's slippers, hanging out in his living room drinking his beer.

The intruder told police it was his house and Broderick tried to rob him. Police didn't buy it and brought him into custody.

As for the Broderick family, they are still in shock knowing the outcome could have been worse.
"I've lived in way worse neighborhoods. I've never had a problem," Broderick said.