Houses for sale in Franklin, Bingham Farms targeted in break-ins

Chris Twarog has lived in Franklin for the past four years and has never worried about any sort of crime. Now he's on the lookout after thieves started targeting homes in his neighborhood. The common denominator - they were all for sale.

"It is usually a quiet neighborhood," he said. "You don't see that kind of thing it's shocking."

"It is very unique," said Chief Dan Roberts, Bingham Farms police department. "Most of the time when we see a burglary it is jewelry, cash, a TV, electronics. But in this case, the homes are vacant the only thing left is the appliances."

Roberts, says his department didn't handle a single home break-in last year. Now they are dealing with three in the last couple weeks.

The suspects are going right to the refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers.

"It takes some kind of knowledge as well," Roberts said. "Because in some cases its turning the power off so they don't get electrocuted, turning the gas off to the home. They are in there for more than a couple minutes to get the items out."

Police do have some physical evidence left behind during the break-ins which will hopefully clue them in to who is committing the crimes.

Whoever is responsible is kicking or prying open the front doors and is likely driving a large truck or van.

Twarog now wants them caught.

"We are a pretty tight knit community," he said. "I talk to the neighbors all the time I’m going to spread the word to see if they know anything."

Detectives are currently working with investigators in Farmington hills, Beverly Hills and Bloomfield Township to see if the break-ins could be connected to similar crimes there.