How Detroit Police plan to prevent violence this Memorial Day

Safety will be a top priority for many people in downtown Detroit this weekend as police increase patrols in areas where crowds will be gathered. Detroit Police want to ensure a positive and safe atmosphere during the Memorial Day weekend festivities.

"We want everybody to enjoy the weekend, enjoy it responsibly," said Chief James White.

The long holiday weekend, which marks the unofficial start of summer, is expected to draw tens of thousands of people downtown for events like the Electronic Music Festival and other attractions in the area. Despite the anticipation of a vibrant atmosphere, law enforcement officials are aware that incidents of violence can sometimes escalate as crowds gather and the weather warms up.

"I love the energy," said Deangelo Fountain. "Of course, you have some people down here with mal intent but for the most part everyone having a good time vibing, trying to catch a good vibe"

White is committed to helping maintain that vibe and has implemented a 12-point plan, which includes neighborhood deployments and park patrols.

While the increased police presence is evident in downtown, Detroit Police is not solely focusing on that area. They're also directing attention to other neighborhoods.

"We've got some added resources to our neighborhoods because we expect our parks to be very, very busy," explained Chief White.

He further emphasized that they will actively search for individuals who are illegally carrying weapons.