How police tracked down teen missing since 2021, found hiding in Port Huron closet

More details are emerging on how investigators found a 14-year-old girl missing since Sept. 2021 in Port Huron.

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office had been tracking the girl since then. It began as a runaway situation, but then escalated with suspicion the teen might be a victim of sexual abuse. The sheriff told FOX  2 – they’ve been following up leads, but hit roadblocks.

Now her biological mom is under investigation for being uncooperative to the investigation.

US Marshals executed a search warrant at a Port Huron home last weekend when they discovered the girl, reported missing by her dad more than a year ago.

"This little girl was hiding in a closet under a pile of clothes," said Owen Cypher, US Marshal, Eastern District of Michigan. "Chances are she couldn't have hidden herself, how she was found, and there was probably somebody directing her."

And when marshals found her – she was several months pregnant. It is unclear, by who.

"She was very scared, she didn't know what was going on," Cypher said. "We quickly got her some medical resources took her to the hospital to get checked and then reunited with her father she just really wanted to be with her dad."

The US Marshals – recently got involved - experts in locating, pretty much anyone. Their digging led to a flop house near North Boulevard and 32nd.

Within a week of launching the investigation, they made contact with the folks living at the house.

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"We immediately knew something wasn't right, they wouldn't let us in, they wouldn't talk to us," said Cypher. "They were being very evasive with questioning."

Then came the search warrant to get in - and save her.

It is one of many saves to come. The investigation is part of a new initiative by the marshals which have launched their Missing Child Unit.

"Our men and women are mothers and fathers - and we even have grandparents that are US Marshals," he said. "So this is a very significant role that we have, in our agency."

Owen Cypher, US Marshal, Eastern District of Michigan.

Owen Cypher, US Marshal, Eastern District of Michigan.