Michigan teen missing since 2021 found hidden in Port Huron home

An endangered teen who went missing more than a year ago from Port Huron has been reunited with her family.

U.S. Marshals located the 14-year-old within a day of the case being forwarded to the agency, after she was reported missing by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office in 2021. 

A release from federal law enforcement also said there was evidence of sexual abuse and that the teen was several months pregnant when she was recovered.

"We take the responsibility of locating and reuniting missing children with their families very personal and extremely serious," said Owen Cypher, with the Eastern District of Michigan. "It is what we would want if our own children were missing; for dedicated investigators to work tirelessly to bring them home, safely."

A referral for the case came from Michigan State Police and the Missing Child Clearing House on Feb. 7. 

Authorities began their investigation that same day before eventually locating a residence in Port Huron, based on several leads.

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When the occupants at the home were contacted by authorities, they did not cooperate. When they were asked about the missing child, the homeowners denied the child was at the home and provided false information.

The Michigan Violent Offender Task Force obtained a search warrant for the home before getting access. 

The missing child was found in a closet inside the home. She was taken by Child Protective Services to an emergency room for a health assessment. 

According to the Associated Press, police are pursuing parental kidnappings charges against the teen's biological mom. She reportedly found the girl after she had run away - moving her from house to house.