How to create your very own fairy garden

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Laura Girbach from Nature's Garden Center in Saline stopped by the FOX 2 studio to teach us how to make a fairy garden.

Similar to dollhouses, fairy gardens are whatever you'd like them to be. You can create your own pixie habitat with miniature furniture, plants and more. You can add plants in it, make different scenes, like patios where the fairies hang out in a hammock.

"We make them (and) we also have classes so you can bring your kids in and we can show them how to make them," Girbach said.

Step 1: Choose a container. You can chose anything, such as a pot, a box or even a small grill.
Step 2: Pick your plants and add them to your container to give your fairies some shade.
Step 3: Place your fairies and items, such as miniature chairs, rocks, and more into the container. Enjoy!

Many of the items are even homemade, with creators adding their own personal touch.

"We have the largest selection of fairy items in Washtenaw County," Girbach said.

On June 25, the Nature Garden Center will hold Fairy Day, a free event where families can come in and see fairy gardens like the one created today. The event takes place from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. and also features games, food and a bounce house.