How to eat (relatively) healthy at Comerica Park

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FOX 2's Deena Centofanti shows us how to navigate Comerica Park to find your favorite treats and some healthier options.

"My advice is to actually go to your ballpark's website ahead of time, which will probably outline all of the options, then once you get there, you can know, alright, we can get grilled chicken at this concession stand," said Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D. at Cleveland Clinic.

Kirkpatrick said watch out for the curve ball known as convenient foods that are delivered right to your seat because they are often the least healthy.

You don't necessarily need to limit yourself to a fruit cup, either. If all else fails, portion control is the way to go. If you want a hotdog, look for a smaller, cheaper dog instead of more expensive hotdogs loaded with toppings.

It's not about depriving yourself, it's about eating smarter. Consider ordering a children's hamburger, as the portions will be smaller.

Also look for foods that take longer to eat, such as shelled peanuts. Kirkpatrick  said the peanuts are also healthier because they have healthy fats.

It's not just about watching what you eat, but being aware of the calories you're drinking.

"Alcoholic beverages and sodas do contribute to calories, so I tell people that are going to the ballpark the same thing I tell my patients: Watch what kind of calories you're actually drinking -- they are the emptiest kind possible," Kirkpatrick said.