How to file a pothole claim with the state (but don't hold your breath)

The temperature swings we have been having makes for the perfect condition for potholes. Road crews are focusing on I-75 and the Southfield freeway but they're popping up quicker than they can get to them. 

Chances are you've hit a pothole before so you know damage isn't a cheap fix.  

The Michigan Department of Transportation says county crews are doing emergency repairs on hard hit areas like along the Southfield Freeway, on I-75 in Oakland County between 13 Mile and Crooks, and in Wayne County between Eight Mile and the Davison.

"Unfortunately though they are popping up faster than we can fix them. The roads are old and in bad shape but the weather is just wreaking havoc," said Diane Cross with MDOT.

You can file a claim through the state to get reimbursed for a busted wheel or rim but filing takes time, and a payout would be unusual. 

"It's not something that a lot of people get reimbursed for, I will tell you that," Cross said. "There are certain parameters that have to be followed; we have to have known about the problem and didn't respond to fixing it."

You can get more information about filing a pothole claim here