Human remains found near shopping plaza at Maple and Coolidge in Troy

Police are continuing to investigate after human remains were found in an undeveloped area near a popular shopping plaza in Troy. 

Police say human remains were found in an empty lot south of the shopping plaza at Coolidge and Maple. We're told a skull and some bones were found near the railroad tracks. 

Sources tell us the remains have apparently been there for some time, due to the condition of the bones. 

Troy Police say they currently do not have any outstanding missing persons cases. 

Owners at the nearby shopping plaza assure us they are not associated with this, and shopping is safe in the area. The remains were not found on the property of the shopping plaza. They were found in between the shopping plaza and the recycling center on Coolidge. 

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates. 

UPDATE: Sources tell FOX 2 they believe, at this time, the remains are of a homeless man who died in his sleep. Continue reading more here...