Human skeleton found in Shelby Township

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Shelby Township police are dealing with a gruesome mystery.

A man walking near a creek discovered a human skeleton, leading investigators to spent most of Saturday trying to melt the snow in a condo complex under construction near 25 Mile Road and Dequindre.

They brought in special heaters after a man walking in the preserves of Briarwood came across a human bone. Police then found a full-fledged skeleton.

"Our evidence techs worked very diligently through the night," said Deputy Chief Mark Coil, Shelby Township. "Because of time and snow it took several hours before we fully understand what we had.

It took about seven hours to dissolve about two inches of snow on the ground and recover all of the remains.

Investigators called the Macomb County Medical Examiner's office, which is now working to positively identify them. It is a process that could take days.

"I want all the residents to understand that we do not believe foul play is involved in this incident," Coil said.

Because of the condition of the remains, investigators believe they had been out in the elements for a while. They are now focused on finding out who this may be and giving their loved ones some much needed answers during a very difficult time.

"I want the family to understand we want to bring them closure so they can have a proper burial for their loved one," Coil said.

Investigators hope to have those human remains identified by the end of the week.