Humble Design makes house a home for family that lost everything in fire

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A Detroit family lost everything in a house fire late last year. 

But recently the folks from Humble Design delivered a special gift. A new house is now a home thanks to the moms and daughters of Humble Design just in time for Mother's Day - for this mom.

"Thank you guys so much - this is so beautiful," said Nora Shuler. "Thank you all so much."

She and her family are grateful for something many of us take for granted. 

"This is like a magazine, I just opened a magazine," Shuler said. "Oh my God, my kids have somewhere to sleep."

Nora Shuler's smile hasn't been this bright in months. It was November when she and her family lost their home to an electrical fire.

"It was really scary - because I've never been through a fire before," said Nora's daughter Noriyah.

It was the middle of the night when Noriyah, 7, and Nathaniel, 6, smelled smoke. They ran to wake up their mom.

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"Yes, I was asleep and they woke me up," Nora said.

They lost nearly everything - but still they had each other. For six months they stayed with relatives searching for a new place to live and finally found a house on the city's west side.

But this house was not a home - then the Detroit Health Department referred the family to Humble Design.

In a day while the family was away, they made magic. Moms and daughters from Humble design working together to give Nora and her family this gift - just in time for Mother's Day.

"The kids loved their room, they said that their favorite thing was their bed," said Kristen Suhy, Humble Design. "The fact that you hear that - it's great."

"I got all teary-eyed and cried," said Diane Bertalan. "I have to say I did."

"They all just came and changed our lives," Nora said. "Thank you all so much."

Humble Design is raising money and awareness in the month of May for its "Let moms be moms" campaign to serve an additional 115 moms. 

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