Humble Design welcomes their 1,000th Detroit family to new home

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Jamilah McCoy and her two young children were welcomed back to their house - which is now a home. The emotion was so real for a family that had so little - until now.

This family that's been through so much was treated to such a sweet surprise. Their mother is crying, but the tears are tears of happiness after a painful year.

Jamilah had been renting the eastside house, paying a landlord she didn't know was in foreclosure and about to lose the home. That meant she and her kids would lose their home, too.

Fortunately, United Community Housing Coalition helped her purchase the property - but she had no money to do anything else.

"Just to be a homeowner and then I wasn't able to furnish the house like I should have and I was lacking a lot of things and Humble Design stepped in and they did this and I'm so grateful that they did it.

"I never would imagine they turned this house into a home."

It is what Humble Design does, furnishing homes for those in need and partnering with U-Haul to change lives. It is the 1,000th Detroit home for the nonprofit.

JaKayla Riley, 7, was delighted by her new digs and 12-year-old Jai’vonte Powers is one happy kid.

"It's my first time seeing the house like this," Jai'vonte said.

FOX 2: "Did you know it could look like this?"

"(No) but hey, it's a surprise," he said

"This was one of my favorite reveals of all time," said Treger Strasberg of Humble Design. "We've done a thousand homes just in Detroit and 1,200 homes throughout the country and this might have been my favorite one."

"U-Haul strives everyday to move families to a better life and of course that's what Humble Design does - so it's just a natural synergy," said Bill Rains with U-Haul.  "We're really excited to be able to help people."

And they're really excited to have the help. Something as simple as a bed brought Jamilah to tears.

"Thank you, I'm not on the floor anymore," she said. "Yes, I love it."

It seems - sometimes - dreams really do come true.

FOX 2: "Were you surprised when you saw it?"

"No," said Ja'Kayla. 

FOX 2: "You knew it would look just like this?"

"Yes," she said. "I dreamed about this."

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