Hutch's Jeweler killed: Both suspects convicted in murder-for-hire plot

After just a few hours of deliberations, the jury in the murder-for-hire plot to kill Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson found both suspects guilty on all charges.

Marco Bisbikis and Roy Larry were both convicted in the murder of Hutchinson, who was well known for his store, Hutch's Jewelry, in Oak Park.

In announcing the verdict, the 12-person jury convicted both Larry and Bisbikis on all charges – first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, assault to commit murder, and felony firearm.

Both suspects were convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder, and felony firearm.

Larry was long accused of being the man who pulled the trigger in the alleged hit job to kill Dan Hutchinson and his wife, Marisa. Bisbikis was the Hutchinsons' attorney and was accused of writing himself into Hutchinson's will and then plotting the murder with several other men.

Larry denied being the shooter and took the stand in his own defense.

"I never changed my story - I never lied to them not one time," Roy Larry said.

Bisbikis did not testify.

Larry's cousin, Darnell Larry, pleaded guilty and testified in the trial. He said he was originally paid by Bisbikis to kill the Hutchinsons but he paid Roy Larry to do it instead.


Hutch's murder-for-hire trial: Closing arguments wrap, case goes to jury Thursday

The trial of the suspects charged in the murder of Dan Hutchinson is over and will head to the jury on Thursday.

During testimony, Hutchinson's wife Marisa was called to the stand to describe the couple's business and their relationship with Bisbikis. She said they would not report all cash sales over $10,000 to the IRS and instead would give that money to Bisbikis to handle for them. She also described a casual business relationship with the attorney, one where Bisbikis was paid in cash and receipts were just numbers jotted on scraps of paper.

"He didn't actually do it, but he helped do it and that makes him just as guilty," Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor John Skrzynski said of Bisbikis.


Dan Hutchinson's wife testifies about relationship with lawyer, business practices

Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson's wife took the stand during her late husband's murder trial Friday to testify about the couple's relationship with the lawyer accused of plotting his killing.

In addition to Bisbikis and Roy Larry, three other men, Darnell Larry, Raptoplous, and Philip Sumpter were charged in connection with the murder.

Darnell Larry and Raptoplous both accepted plea deals and agreed to testify against Bisbikis and Roy Larry.