Hutch's Jewelry murder: Prosecutor says trial will reveal greed, betrayal in death plot

Disgraced attorney Marco Bisbikis blew a kiss to loved ones in court - the alleged mastermind of a plot to kill his own client -  popular jeweler Daniel "Hutch" Hutchinson.

The accused gunman is Roy Larry.

"Roy Larry is the person who actually pulled the trigger,"

Prosecutors say video shows Roy Larry on the E-Bike that he and his cousin Darnell Larry had just picked up from the bike repair shop on June 1, 2022.

A witness ran after the shooter as the Denali SUV with Hutchinson and his wife Marissa rolled to a stop, across from their pawn shop in Oak Park. She then called 911.

"He's bleeding," she said, screaming on the recording.

Marissa - who was hit in the leg is screaming that her husband is dying.

"He fires 14 rounds into the truck," said assistant prosecutor John Skrzynski.

The prosecutor told jurors that Roy Larry fired at point-blank range. Six bullets hit Hutch - one was fatal - piercing his heart. Marissa was right next to him -and was wounded.

"Roy's mission is to kill both of those people," Skrzynski said.

Prosecutors say it was Marco Bisbikis - who orchestrated that mission - getting friends and employees from his pot farm - Angelo Raptoplous and Darnell Larry to do the dirty work - enlisting Roy Larry to do the shooting.

Roy Larry was arrested right away but prosecutors say there was much more to the story - a story about greed, betrayal and murder.

"This jewelry store sold very expensive jewelry - pieces that went anywhere between $5,000 and $75,000 - very expensive jewelry," Skrzynski said.

The prosecutor says the jewelry store was grossing $21 million during the pandemic - laundering cash for customers, which was then being laundered by their attorney - Marco Bisbikis - who prosecutors say had written himself into their will and trust - and then arranged to have them killed.


"The case is one on which relies almost entirely on the government's - on the people's two informants," said James Thomas, the attorney for Bisbikis.

Bisbikis' attorney said that Angelo Raptoplous and Darnell Larry are testifying against their co-conspirators in the case.

"You're going to see that the story of Darnell Larry evolves over time," Thomas said.

Another potential problem with the case - the officer in charge admitted he faced disciplinary action for meeting with Marissa Hutchinson at a bar after hours.

Attorney: "Was any of that conversation you had at this bar with Mrs. Hutchinson inappropriate or sexual in nature?"

"Not at all," said Oak Park Sgt. Dwaine Green.

But the attorney for Roy Larry told jurors - that there is another issue.

"The firearm that was used in the shooting (was) never recovered," said Mitch Ribitwer.

Prosecutors, however, say the security video - and defendants' own phone records, will tell a tale of conspiracy - and murder.

Inset: Daniel Hutchinson. Larger photo: Security video of the shooting that killed him in 2022.

Inset: Daniel Hutchinson. Larger photo: Security video of the shooting that killed him in 2022.