Hutch's Jewelry murder: Trial set to begin for 2 suspects

(From left to right): Marco Bisbikis, Angelo Raptoplous, and Roy Larry

Trial is slated to begin Monday for two suspects accused of plotting the murder of well-known jeweler Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson.

Marco Bisbikis, 38, and Angelo Raptoplous, 33, are accused of hiring Roy Larry, 45, to murder both the jeweler and his wife Marisa in 2022.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin against Bisbikis and Roy Larry. Raptoplous pleaded guilty to one count of solicitation to commit murder and is awaiting sentencing. 

Bisbikis's defense submitted a motion to adjourn the case on Friday. As of Monday morning, the court has not responded to that motion.  

Roy was brought into the plot by his cousin Darnell Larry, who was an acquaintance Raptoplous. Darnell secured a plea deal with the prosecutor's office and agreed to testify against the other three suspects.


Hutch's Jewelry murder: Witness gives explosive testimony behind Oak Park jeweler's homicide

More witnesses are expected to testify Friday at the preliminary exam for three men accused of carrying out the murder of well-known Metro Detroit jeweler Dan 'Hutch' Hutchinson.

On June 1, 2022, authorities say Dan and Marisa were in Dan's SUV when Roy started shooting. Dan was hit and killed, while Marisa wasn't struck. 

Bisbikis is accused of orchestrating the murder after allegedly writing himself into Dan's will. He and Raptoplous allegedly instructed both Darnell and his cousin Roy Larry about the vehicle they should be looking out for. 

Darnell Larry testified that he came to know Bisbikis after getting out of prison in 2016. The attorney had helped him in regard to a dispute with a former landlord at the time and the two maintained a relationship in the years ahead.

He first met Raptoplous when the two began working at a marijuana grow operation, which was located in Grass Lake where he cared for cannabis plants before assisting in the distribution. He left the operation in 2021 and continued doing odd jobs. In early 2022, Darnell learned of the plot.

In the months that would follow, Darnell testified he was under pressure to carry out the murder. A short time later, he would meet up with his cousin Roy after attending their uncle's funeral. Darnell also said the original plan was to run the Hutchinsons off the road.

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