Hutch's Jewelry murder trial: Defendant testifies against co-conspirator

"I would do anything for him; I know he would do anything for me," said 33-year-old Angelo Raptoplous, testifying against his godbrother and closest friend – disgraced Southfield attorney Marco Bisbikis, 38.

Raptoplous and Bisbikis are among the five individuals accused of conspiring to kill jeweler Daniel "Hutch" Hutchinson of Oak Park, and his wife Marisa Hutchinson, on June 1, 2022. 

Marisa was struck in the leg but survived. Hutchinson was killed. 

In connection to Hutchinson's murder – Raptoplous, Bisbikis, Roy Larry and Darnell Larry face charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder, and felony firearm. Philip Sumpter was indicted on charges of conspiring to commit murder.

Trial for Bisbikis and Roy Larry began this week.

Raptoplous and Darnell Larry pleaded guilty to solicitation to murder and agreed to testify against Bisbikis and Roy Larry as part of their plea deals to avoid life sentences.

"Most difficult thing I've ever done," Raptoplous said during his testimony on Wednesday.

Angelo Raptoplous testifying against Marco Bisbikis.

Because of the loyalty he felt towards Bisbikis, prosecutors say Raptoplous agreed to help in Hutchinson's murder. 

Prosecutors also say Bisbikis lied to Raptoplous and told him he and some powerful associates on the East Coast were in danger of being indicted because of Hutchinson – and that the Oak Park jeweler and his wife had to be taken care of.

"I didn't want to see them die, but I didn't want anything to happen to Marco," Raptoplous said.

Daniel "Hutch" Hutchinson

At the time, Raptoplous was working at Bisbikis' pot farm in Grass Lake, with Darnell Larry – who had been previously convicted of murder and had done his time.

Raptoplous testified that Bisbikis said to keep his name out of it. Raptoplous and Darnell Larry stood to make $100,000 out of Hutchinson's murder. 

"I told (Darnell Larry) I got information that Marco was in trouble and there's money to be made if he wants to get involved," Raptoplous  said.

Darnell Larry then enlisted the help of his cousin, Roy Larry, according to prosecutors.

Roy Larry was the alleged triggerman that shot at Hutchinson and his wife. But prosecutors say Bisbikis was behind it all – not because Hutchinson was going to get him indicted, but because Bisbikis was the jeweler's attorney and was in his will. Bisbikis stood to inherit millions in laundered money from Hutchinson's high-end jewelry business.

Raptoplous said that even after Hutchinson was murdered, they decided to offer money to find potential recruits to kill his Marisa after she survived the shooting.

"She was probably the only actual witness," Raptoplous said.

Defense attorneys questioned the credibility of Raptoplous, but earlier in the day they also questioned the credibility of the lead detective in the case – who received a written reprimand for having drinks at a bar with Marisa Hutchinson during the investigation. The detective failed to disclose that to prosecutors.

The detective testified that he did not have a sexual relationship with her. 

The trial continues on Thursday.


Hutch's Jewelry murder: Prosecutor says trial will reveal greed, betrayal in death plot

Prosecutors say it was Marco Bisbikis - who orchestrated it, getting friends and employees from his pot farm - Angelo Raptoplous and Darnell Larry, who then enlisted Roy Larry to do the shooting.