I-94 closed between I-75 and Connor all weekend for bridge demolitions

As the war of construction on cement takes hold on I-75, another battle is also taking place on a perpendicular highway: I-94.

"These projects will attend to poor conditioned bridges, attend to pavement that's deteriorating," said Rob Morosi of MDOT. "We'll look at ways to make the freeway safer."

The rebuilding of 10 miles of freeway and replacing of 67 bridges between Conner Road and I-96 will change the entire stretch of the highway. Unfortunately, the infusion of new pavement means that some businesses will be taking a hit to their profits.

"It makes it hard for businesses," said A.J. Dawson, of the Hollywood Coney Island.

Dawson said the construction is also screwing up his commute. 

"It takes me 15 minutes to get home when 94 is open, but with the bridge closed, it takes like 45 minutes to get home with all the traffic," he said.

Other businesses, like gas stations will have to rely on traffic coming through adjacent neighborhoods for money. 

The construction kicks off Friday night at 9 p.m., closing the interstate for the weekend. The Concorde Street and French Road bridges will both be demolished.