"I don't believe he did it," Dad defends son charged with killing girlfriend in Warren

Marcus McLean was in court Tuesday, facing a murder charge for killing his girlfriend.

On Sunday, McLean went over to his girlfriend's house in Warren to "engage in sexual activities" as police put it. That's when investigators allege an argument arose, prompting McLean to pull out a gun and shoot Derika Blessit in the head. 

"If you are found guilty you could face up to life in prison. Do you understand the penalty if you are found guilty of that charge?" said Suzanne Faunce, a 37th District Court judge. 

However, not everyone thinks McLean is guilty. Things don't add up for his father, who believes McLean had too much going for him to commit murder. 

"He just passed two exams, he was trying to be a nurse," said his father. "He had a lot going on for himself."

However, any ambitions McLean had are now put on hold, facing both a second-degree murder charge, as well as a felony firearms charge. While it's unclear what the argument was over, investigators said McLean initially fled the scene, before returning to his girlfriend's house. That's where he was taken into custody and the weapon was recovered.

Despite McLean's father's denials - he feels bad for everyone else involved.

"I want to say I'm sorry to the family. You know, you know to my grandson - my first grandson," said McLean's father. "He's going to ask me questions he doesn't want to know. His mother is gone, is daddy is gone."

A judge honored a request made by detectives that McLean be held without bond.