Ikea offers buyback of your old furniture for in-store credit

"So if you have a piece of Ikea furniture that maybe you grew out of, you don't need anymore, we're going to buy it back," said Amanda Preston of Ikea.

That's right, that old table, cabinet or bookcase you bought that you no longer like, Ikea will buy it back from you.

"It's really going to depend on the condition," Preston said. "So when you go online, you're going to fill out a form and tell us the condition of the item and generally, maybe 30-40% of the original price you'll get in-store credit."

The buyback and resell program was a pilot program last fall but starting April 1st, it's now permanent, and popular, in all 37 US stores.

"They are selling so fast as soon as they hit the floor," she said. "They are finding a new life, finding their new home. And that's the point, that's what we want to do."

What they really want to do, is practice their sustainable earth principles.

"We all want to look out for the environment," Preston said. "This is such a great recycling, up-cycling opportunity for someone, and it could be that something that you don't need but someone else does. We're keeping it out of the landfills and we're giving it new life."

In fact, the company has big environmentally friendly plans. It wants to be "circular" by 2030 using 100% renewable and recycled materials.

"You see everyone taking the cardboard and the plastic and the binding and everything is separate and everything is recycled," she said.

And giving old furniture new life while others get a good deal is a great step in making that happen.

"What we buy it for we sell it for," she said.

If you would like to sell some of your items back just Google the phrase "Ikea buyback and resale" and you should find it.