In sickness and health: Farmington Hills man donates kidney to wife

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First, disease took her kidney. Then her donated kidney failed. 

But thanks to a match made at home, one Farmington Hills woman got her life back.

"I have been so sick and tired; I was just ready to get my life back," says Jenny Aiuto. "I was sick."

It's been a roller coaster for Jenny all because of kidney disease. In 2011, her brother Raymond was a match and donated his kidney. But after three years, there were complications and the kidney failed.

"When I found out the kidney was failing," says Raymond, "it is the same idea as your kid not doing so well at something. You just feel awful that you couldn't do more."

But her brother's kidney served Jenny well, saving her and giving her a new lease until its time expired. Then she needed a kidney again. Things were tough in the Aiuto household.

"We were in and out of the hospital going through emergency rooms, and a lot of times she'd be there for a week or so in the hospital and I was taking care of the house," her husband, Dave Aiuto says. But he was about to take care of more than their home. In sickness and in health, he had a hunch. 

No match was found so far. They looked on social media, to family, and, finally, he asked her.

"He kept bothering me so I'm like, 'Just go in.' And he gets a call, 'I'm a match!' And I was like, 'Oh my God; I can't even believe it. I should've let you go in a year ago.' What's the odds? I didn't think he would match me," Jenny says.

Dave says right after learning he was a match, he started riding the bike to lose weight and started dieting. 

"I lost 55 pounds in the process," Dave says. "This whole thing might not only have just saved her life; it could've saved mine."

On April 25, husband and wife prepped for surgery. With a lot of heart, a lot of faith and a lot of love - the kidney transplant was a success.

"I'm back, already. Crazy," Jenny says. "And it's because of my husband. Unbelievable."

Dave is convinced he and his wife were meant to meet, marry and match.

"From the very start, I was supposed to be a match and I was supposed to donate this kidney to her," he says.

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