Incumbent mayor or two-term councilwoman? Warren residents vote for new mayor today

There may not be a presidential candidate pining for your vote or a major ballot issue that would restructure the state's political landscape, but there are still many important elections. For Warren voters, it's the city's most executive seat: Mayor.

Current Mayor Jim Fouts, who has held the position for three straight terms is facing off against city councilwoman Kelly Colegio.

What the number of the votes at the end of Nov. 5 looks like will determine just how residents feel about leaked audio tapes of the mayor making inappropriate comments about handicap children and women. Despite the multiple recordings, Fouts denies the recordings are real and said they are fabricated pieces meant to discredit him.

"I am not interested in them, the Warren residents are tired of them and I'm tired of them," he said back in January after the Motor City Muckraker released recordings saying "any kind of sex is legal" even with minors.

In another recording released in April, he allegedly said "I want to actually meet some abused women," he said. "I'm available as a big brother or a big f*cker."

Responding to a question from FOX 2 asking if the recording was of him, he responded "You know that's your opinion, it's more of the same," Fouts said. "Bye."

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Colegio, who has been elected to the city council the past two terms has chosen to run for mayor rather than seek a third term on the council. She's also worked as the mayor pro-tem under as well as a community outreach coordinator for Fouts.

Her top issues include infrastructure, public safety, and stabilizing jobs for blue-collar families.

Fouts has breezed to previous wins in past elections.