Inkster apartment residents remain without power after Monday storms

Three days after a strong storm ripped through Metro Detroit, folks living at Thompson Tower Apartments are waiting for their lights to come back on.

"We are trying to stick together but every day is getting rougher and rougher," said Chris Johnson. "Now you have to throw away everything in your refrigerator because today everything must go. It doesn’t matter what it is, it has to go to the garbage."

"No air, no water pressure, you can’t flush the toilet, or wash dishes stuff like that," said Jody James.

Residents in the Inkster apartments say they either have low or no water pressure. They also tell us a generator powers just one elevator and some lights in the hallway.

"We went without elevators for one day," said Johnson. "I couldn’t go to dialysis. I go three days a week I couldn’t go down, because I couldn’t walk downstairs, so I couldn’t go."

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Chris Johnson says mostly seniors and people with disabilities call the apartments home. she sat outside with her granddaughter in the morning.

"It’s not hot in the hallways (but)  the apartment building is starting to get uncomfortable," she said. "They said the high was going to be 84 degrees today, that’s why we came down early to get some fresh air."

Tens of thousands remained in the dark on Thursday. DTE Energy expects crews will have 80 percent of the power outages restored by the end of the day.

Employees at the apartment building say that they have bottled water and food they are giving out to residents.