Inmate wrestled gun from officer in Berrien County courthouse shooting that killed 3, wounded 2

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Two bailiffs were shot and killed  Monday inside a southwestern Michigan courthouse before officers killed the gunman, a sheriff said.

A deputy and civilian were also wounded before other bailiffs killed the shooter at the Berrien County courthouse at about 2:30 p.m.

An inmate wrestled the gun away from one of the court officers during a fight as he was being moved from a holding cell, said Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey. The incident did not happen in the courtroom, but in a hallway that leads from the holding cells to the courtrooms, he said.

"That inmate disarmed one of the officers and was able to get that gun, shoot the deputy and shoot and kill two bailiffs and then shot a civilian in the arm," Bailey said. "He was taken down by two other bailiffs that came to render aid along with several officers."

The deputy is in stable condition at this time. The identities have not been released yet of the victims, the shooter or the civilian.

Davis said that the incident has "torn our hearts apart."

"I am going to try to get through this I lost some friends today," Davis said. "They are my friends, my colleagues. I've known them for 30 years."

BELOW: Videos courtesy of St. Joseph resident Gretta Volkenstein who lives a block from the courthouse.

Davis said counselors would be coming in to talk to employees.

No further information on the civilian who was wounded was provided. The Michigan Police Crime lab State Crime is expected to arrive at the scene to collect evidence. 

Gov. Rick Snyder came to show support and called it a horrible day in a great community.

"This is a particularly tough time for law enforcement, this is a terrible event to have happened," Snyder said. "We need to rally together. We should all be standing together. This is terrible. We need to support law enforcement and support the families that have lost someone."