Inside St. Clair Shores' hidden gem, Travis Coffee Shop

When it comes to noshing, we all love those spots that are open 24 hours a day - and one in St. Clair Shores is quite the hidden gem. 

Travis Coffee Shop in St. Clair Shores is among the nation's 21 best diners, according to Thrillist, and it serves up a whole lot more than just a cup o' joe. 

The small mom-and-pop diner at the corner of 9 Mile and Greater Mack Avenue has been one of the best sunrisers for decades. Coffee's in the name - but they're known for something else. Their cheeseburgers.

"Burgers are what we're really known for, but breakfast is really taking over. You have a lot of people ordering breakfast 24 hours a day," says owner Mike McAdory. Feel like having the best of both worlds? The cooks can even whip up a cheeseburger omelet for you.

"The Travis omelet, yep. It's got hamburger, cheese, green peppers, onions; it's my favorite. It comes with American cheese, but I like mine with cheddar," employee Stephanie Conlyn says. 

Every customer we talked to raved about the restaurant's burgers. McAdory let us in on part of the secret recipe: the onions. 

"We peel our own onions and grind them up through with our own machine. The fried onions on there, on the grill; steam the bun; put the wax paper over top of it and steam the buns, that's what really does it. And the grill of course. The grill's been here like 20 years, so we're afraid to get a new grill because it might goof the things up."

You can get a closer look at the food in the video player above as Josh Landon visits the restaurant. 

Travis Coffee Shop is typically open 24 hours a day; they only shut down at 10 p.m. on Sunday for their weekly clean-up and then back open at 5 a.m. on Monday.