Instagram post of see-through pothole on freeway ramp goes viral, sparks MDOT reaction

A large pothole made for a frightening sight on a freeway ramp from I-96 to the Southfield freeway.

"(It was the size of) a big boulder, just the size of a basketball," said Ralo Lott, Pop's Roadside Service.

We all have a pothole story - and sharing these stories, bonds us, kind of?

"The more we hit the potholes the more money it's costing," said Lott.

Lott owns Pop's Roadside Service. He spotted this one – Wednesday in a traffic jam on the southbound Southfield freeway ramp coming from westbound 96.

"You can actually see the cars (below,)" he said.

After he shared a photo of it on Instagram, his post blew up – catching out attention and MDOT too. Within 24 hours they had crews out here making repairs.

The MDOT says it is patched and good to go.

They want your input, in this questionnaire on what the future of this winding bridge system should look like as they eye an overhaul in the next few years.

"I don't think anything is wrong with the interchange but the structure needs to be fixed," Lott said.

Ironically or not, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was in town this week kicking off "road repair season," it was kind of her thing after all.

FOX 2: "Is she fixing the damn roads or what?"

"Slowly but surely," Lott said.

Meantime – if you get swallowed up you got a guy.

"Pop's Roadside Service if you need a tow or anything," quipped Lott. "Just give us a call, we're on Google."