INTERVIEW: U of M’s epidemiologist responds to new COVID-19 restrictions

With coronavirus numbers rapidly growing in Michigan, we wanted to talk to an expert and get his opinions on how this virus should be handled. 

FOX 2’S Hilary Golston sat down with University of Michigan’s epidemiology expert Dr. Arnold Monto to get his expertise on COVID-19 and how the state should go about decreasing the number of positive cases. 

Although Governor Whitmer announced a statewide “Three-week” pause due to the virus, Dr. Monto believes this may be problematic because of the cold temperatures we’re expected to get. 

“I’m a little concerned because we know these viruses prefer the Winter weather for transmission and people tend to be indoors a lot more during the Winter,” he said. “I think we’re going to have problems going forward for more than 3 weeks.”

However, Dr. Monto went on to say there may be some advantages to mandating a three-week pause. 

“If there is a benefit, in terms of the number of cases in hospitalizations, we should see it by then,” he said. 

And while the shutdown may put a small damper on the economy, Dr. Monto believes business owners may still be able to manage.

“The economy can be sustained as much as possible, given the restrictions on things we know,” he said. 

Dr. Monto believes that wearing masks are the most impactful and scientifically proven safety precaution that will protect people for COVID-19. 

Watch full interview above.