Introducing Swaggles, the pet-swag business helping animals everywhere

Born and raised in Detroit, Temeria Heard started her career in automotive promotional advertising.

"For the company I was working for, I always found myself having suggestions," she said.

That drive and persistence to push brand visibility led Temeria to start her own company called Corporate 52 Marketing Group. Jumping in feet first, she nabbed big clients like the Detroit Tigers, MLB, and Quicken Loans. Temeria won multiple awards for her work, including the Jackie Robinson Most Valuable Diverse Partner Award. But her love of dogs, including her own fur baby, started her on her next business venture.

"There was a story I saw , it was a little dog in a cage confined and his owner would pour boiling water on it and the dog couldn't doing anything but just yell, cry and scream in pain. It was very, very sad to watch so that's what got me to get Swaggles off the ground," she said.

It's called Swaggles, named after her dog Snuggles and the swag Corporate 52 known for.

"So I love my dog and I see so much abuse going out here in the world locally and internationally, and we just wanted to come up with a company that supports organizations that help dogs that need forever homes, love, protection," she said. 

The Detroit-based company offers trendy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and even dog clothes with a portion of the profits going to rescue organizations dedicated to healing, providing shelter and finding a safe and loving home for dogs in need. It's not just here - Swaggles has now expanded to cities across the country.

"Just hoping that dogs have a forever home because there is so much abuse out there, so many dogs in need," Termeria said.

Swaggles has only been around for a few months but the brand is thriving. The cause is near and dear to Temeria's heart and she couldn't be prouder when she spots someone wearing her swag and supporting her passion.

"It is very rewarding, it really is, to see people accept the brand and love it, and they wear it and they take pictures - they send pictures with their dog," she said.