Prosecutors show video of shooting that killed 11-year-old Lamara Glenn

Chilling Ring doorbell video captured the hail of gunfire that investigators say killed 11-year-old Lamara Glenn as she slept on the couch at her aunt’s house.

The shooting took place on Pennsylvania Street near Gratiot on Detroit’s east side early Feb. 20.

"She was found to have suffered a hemorrhage and multiple bullet fragments in the head," officials said in court on Tuesday.

Glenn's aunt spoke with FOX 2 by phone hours after seeing the horrifying video in court. She asked to remain anonymous.

"My niece is gone," Glenn's aunt said. "I’m still not understanding why," the aunt said.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys walked through the video, and other evidence gathered at the scene of the tragedy, during the preliminary exam of one of the defendants on Tuesday – Nasir Lavant Garrett.

In total, four men are facing charges in connection to the shooting. Three of the men waived their right to a preliminary exam and will take trial.

One crime scene investigator said he found more than 100 bullet holes all over the house, which had previously experienced another shooting. 


11-year-old girl taken off life support after drive-by shooting in Detroit

Her mom says that she’s been brain-dead since early Tuesday morning when she was shot in the head.

"There were approximately seven bullet holes throughout the door, one in the frame of the porch, several on the west wall north of the door, and several on the window south of the door," an investigator said.

Detectives have also connected the shooting to a gang known for car theft, and indicated an ongoing dispute linked to the targeted house.

It was also discovered in court that one of the suspects was wearing a GPS tether when the shooting took place. Police were later able to locate him at the scene.

However, family members still have so many questions.

"I just want to know why, that’s it," Glenn's aunt said. "She was a baby. She didn’t deserve that. Her life is gone."