Irate mom signing son up for college faces terroristic threats charge

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Maryam Ansari at her arraignment.

A mother lost her cool trying to enroll her son in college and threatened to blow the place up.

Now she's facing criminal charges for what she said - and is facing gun charges.

Maryam Ansari smiled for her mugshot but didn't appear so happy Tuesday when she was arraigned for making terroristic threats.

Ansari is accused of threatening to blow up a Wayne County Community College district building.

"I think in this kind of a case, you are a danger to the community," the judge said during Ansari's Tuesday arraignment. "I am placing your bond at $100,000"

She was also charged with a CCW violation in a weapons free zone and felony firearm. The Wayne County Sheriff's Office says Friday Ansari was at the downtown campus - on Fort Street apparently trying to enroll her son in college courses before getting mad. 
"When she was told the kid would have to come back Monday, she got irate," said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

Irate enough to yell: "I'm going to blow this (blank) up!" Witnesses immediately told campus security of Ansari's threats.

"She realized she was in a little bit of trouble so she tried to make herself a little scarce," Napoleon said. "But we found her."

When police found Ansari, they say she had a pocket knife, pepper spray and a 25-caliber pistol. It was loaded and police later discovered it was stolen from San Jose, California.
"It's very troubling that someone would make a threat like that," Napoleon said. "And then have the ability to carry it out."

School officials tell FOX 2 safety is their top priority and security always in place. Police thanked those fast-acting witnesses.

Ansari faces up to 20 years in prison and is due back in court next week.