It's so hot in the D...but at least it's not snow, right?

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With temperatures hitting 92 degrees, and humidity levels making it feel closer to 100, Metro Detroit was sweating it out again on Thursday. Fortunately, this is the Great Lakes State and there are plenty of ways to cool off.

August is hot. You already know that. The obvious ways to cool off are find the shade and find some water. That means drinking and taking a dip.

Mamie Worswick gets it.

"I am drinking water. A lot of water has been drank because I like drinking water because it's good for you in the summer," Mamie said.

Or you could just not think about it! Like Devin Minard who took some time play in the sand.

"What we are doing is building sand castle," Devin said.

While some are staying cool, others are taking it for what it is: a summer day.

"I don't even know what temperature is  right now. It feels great, I'm having a great time," Annie Schunior said.

After all, it won't last. Think about February. Scott Kaimala knows exactly what we'll complain about then.

Six months? Probably Snow, how cold it is," Kaimala said.

Today, it's hot. But hey, at least you're not having to use your snowblower!