J. Baldwin's celebrating 15th anniversary

J. Baldwin's is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. 

Chef Jeff Baldwin and Chef Michael Baldwin joined us on The Nine to show us how they make their signature calamari. You can watch in the video player above. They also talked to us about their fresh pastas, and you can get their ravioli recipe below. 

4 eggs
400 grams flour

Mix with fork using the well method 
Need dough by hand

Ravioli filling :

Herbed ricotta 
Ricotta cheese
Black pepper 
Basil thyme 

Mix ingredients into cheese to make a still filing for ravioli

Ravioli appetizer:
Brown butter
Vanilla lemon
Garlic shallot
Butter nut squash
Fresh sage
Sauté ravioli with a little pasta water
Season with maldon sea salt and grate Parmagiano reggiano over top