Jackie Paige changed her life with weight loss journey; says it is forever

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Almost two years ago, Jackie Paige had surgery to lose weight. Now, the former member of our FOX 2 family is back to show us how she's staying strong and healthy. 

She was a fan favorite on Fox 2, but as she made us smile, Jackie was struggling with her weight for years. When the seatbelt on a plane wouldn't fit around her, she decided to take a drastic move, and in March of 2016, underwent weight loss surgery. And her weight loss is impressive -- 120 lbs.

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The surgery, which is called the gastric sleeve, basically removes about 80 percent your stomach, but that's only the beginning of the process.

"It has to be a plan you're sticking to for the rest of your life, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years.. I watch everything I put in my mouth, still," she said.

She's at the gym everyday, pushing her body as much as she can and her food choices are very specific. She said she has eggs, and for lunch, tuna with carrots and fruit, and steak for dinner. But Jackie says she doesn't feel deprived, in fact , it's when she's strong enough to resist tempation that she feels most satisfied. 

"At the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't eat that," she said.

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