John Dingell honored in Washington D.C., eulogized by congress members

Thursday hosted the second funeral for former congressman John Dingell, this time in front of political giants at Washington, D.C..

"There were a lot of friends there, hunting buddies people I haven't seen in quite a while," said Chrispher Dingell, the song of the congressman. "Just a remarkable number of people that loved my dad."

Some of those giants included Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee and former president Bill Clinton - who inserted a bit of humor into his eulogy.

"This is the only time in our entire lives in public service that we were in the same room with John Dingell and got the last word," said Clinton.

Clinton's wife offered some words as well.

"I think the service was a beautiful tribute," said Hillary.

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke of Dingell's reverence of the house and how he worked hard to bring people together.

"He was fond of the notion that all of us as Americans are all in the same boat together, at the helm of the ship of state Democrats road left and Republicans road right," Boehner said. "John Dingell road where the people of his beloved Michigan wanted him to be."