John Dingell released from hospital

Former U.S. Rep. John Dingell was released from the hospital Sunday and appeared to be in good spirits. His wife, Debbie Dingell posted this update on her Facebook.

"He has been sprung! On our way home. Many, many thanks to every single person who helped us through this latest adventure. The doctors, nurses, technicians, people who cleaned his room, prepared his food, the prayers, good wishes and wind beneath our wings that got us through. I love my husband; we have been blessed. Some work ahead but he remains at my side for wisdom and strength. This is a journey but we aren't alone and I hope what I am learning helps me be an effective advocate for those that are not as lucky as we are and even those that are, that need help in a system that has some major challenges. It's a perfect sunny day in Michigan and we are looking forward to settling in back at home. D2"