Joint became loose, causing floor to flex at Saint Andrews Hall during concert, officials say

Officials from Saint Andrew's Hall say despite clips of the venue's floor bouncing up and down from a Wednesday concert, the floor did not buckle.

Instead, a joint underneath the venue became loose and for the safety of everyone, officials decided to remove everyone from the building. 

Clips from concert goers attending Baby Keem's show this week caught the artist on camera announcing to everyone that "the floor is cracking," and asked everyone to be safe and move away

Beneath the stage in a separate venue called The Shelter, more video showed the floor bouncing up and down as fans cheered at the concert. Some on Facebook sounded off about the premature ending to the concert, including one asking for a refund.

In a statement, Saint Andrew's Hall said:

"The safety of our guests is always our top priority and the show was paused promptly. Everyone exited the venue safely and the artist was able to perform the majority of their show."

The show reportedly concluded 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled end time. 

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"That was the right call to make after seeing the footage but at the time everyone was disappointed," said Nick Labadie, who attended the concert."You know how that is."

The venue was scheduled for a city inspection this year. However, that's been moved up to this week following the concert.